A unique NFT collection of legendary players

Join the revolution and get your unique art piece of José Luis Sánchez, James Rodríguez, and Jesús Dátolo in OpenSea, the largest crypto market in the world.

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What is it about?

Banfield markets non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital collectible products that reproduce the shirts of three of the club’s most important players: José Luis “Garrafa” Sánchez, James Rodríguez and Jesús Dátolo. As part of the sensory experience, the club will accompany collectors with on-site activities and receive a certificate as pioneers, signing the official book of the club.


Ignacio Uzquiza, treasurer

“Banfield is at the forefront of global sports innovation and this was a natural step in a market like the NFTs, which will generate genuine resources for the club over the next decade.”



“NFTs cannot be touched, but we believe they should be enjoyable in all respects. For this reason, we convened a group of artists and writers in the initiative, so that buyers do not only take the collectible, but a piece of digital art, which is the most important means of communication today.”



Once the collector acquires the NFT he/she also receives musical pieces, a story and a profile of the players by renowned artists. The musicians participating in the initiative are Martín Alvarado, Frans Banfield, saxophonist Mauro Ostinelli and keyboardist Fran Azorai, while the writing was done by renowned journalists Walter Vargas, Oscar Barnade, Todo Banfield radio program, among others.



As part of the sensory experience, the club will accompany collectors with on-site activities. Thus, buyers will receive a certificate as pioneers and will sign the official minute book, which will be exhibited in the new museum of the institution in the old Buchardo Club. They will also have an exclusive talk with a member of the professional team, will attend a match in the box for free, will receive exclusive coupons with discounts in the city’s stores, and will be the first beta testers of the mobile application that the club will launch in 2021, among other surprises. 


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Banfield Jersey – 2001 – Garrafa Sánchez

Access the Garrafa NFT

Banfield Jersey – 2009 – James Rodríguez

Access the James NFT

Banfield Jersey – 2019 – Jesús Dátolo

Access the Jesús NFT


Listen to Banfield’s musicians

Martín Alvarado

Mauro Ostinelli

Fran Azorai

Frans Banfield


Read about the legends

‘Todo Banfield’ radio show have seen them

The radio team of Todo Banfield have been on-air since the 80´s.  As journalists, they have seen the those three players under Sun and rain, celebrating victories as facing challenges.

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