Club Banfield

Established 1896

We Are Club Atletico Banfield, the oldest & most passionate club from Argentina

In the second half of the 1880s, many British families settled in the village of Banfield, located 20 kilometres south of Buenos Aires. These families, with their houses in the style of English houses and Victorian social dynamics, gave the suburbs a distinctly British profile.

The history of the club began on 21 January 1896, when a group of professionals and English merchants resident in Banfield decided to found a club which they named after the village, which had been named after the railway station, established in 1873, which in turn was named after Edward Banfield, the first manager of Great Southern Railroad Company.

Heading the group of founders were Daniel Kingsland and George Burton, vice president and first. Kingsland was an exporter of cattle in Britain and an accountant, Burton was a Cambridge University graduate.

Training Ground

“In the south of Buenos Aires, at least 70% are fans of Banfield”

– Nestor “pipo” gorosito. Argentinean national team captain and coach

History Highlights

Club Atletico Banfield (CAB) has one of the richest background in football history. Some curated stories can be found below.


2009 Champions

Our First Videogame

Our shirt, our colours



18 Titles from 1896 to 2021

Stadium Florencio Sola

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