About Us

Our Principles

Fandom Centric

Fans from all over the world are our customers and we deliver the best in class experience to put Banfield brand one click away, no matter their culture or location.

Obsessive Transparency

We work under the premise of lean management, with transparency tools that can explain our processes and reasoning to any stakeholder.

Open and Embrace

Everyone has the right to use accessible technology and exercise their data rights. We protect users privacy and we partnership with third parties in Open Source & Data initiatives.

Big Thinking

Resources are always limited, ideas are not. A digital transformation project without doctrine is a body without soul. Our creations are assets for future generations.

Lift-Off Together

We’re designers, directors, strategists, coders, hackers, and awkward dancers. We have decades of experience in the creative and tech industries, producing exciting  and effective experiences.

We want you to join or partnership with us. You will have the chance of:

  • Showcase your work and gain experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry.
  • Nurture new relations across social channels worldwide. Many of our members have made new friends, got a new job, thanks to the group.
  • Have Fun!

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