Greetings from Banfield, the club of the future!

We lead a not-for-profit professional sports organization with 10,000 associates and +2,400 athletes to improve people’s lives through innovation and technologies.

Let’s disrupt sports together

Sport lags behind other industries in terms of innovation, and that is the crux of the issue. Banfield.Tech is a community-driven project at CA Banfield (est. 1896) developed by people who, just like you, believe in sharing their work with the world in non-restrictive ways. Since our foundation in 2020, we have created a wide range of digital products such as videogames, apps, and networks that are shaping a new open source oriented doctrine in an old fashioned industry. See what they say about us:

Our Core Values

* We seek to eliminate the digital divide and empower Banfield as a global brand, encouraging the development of software, hardware and other technology-related projects. We believe that wisely applied technology will improve people’s lives.

* Members of our society come from a variety of backgrounds. We all value individual choice and transparency.

* Because the project has dozens of important roles, we all need to get involved in our work and help bring Banfield to the world.

* We support copyleft licenses such as
Mozilla Public License, and Creative Commons; but we promise to protect the rights of developers and content creators as private partners.

* We promote open data and standards, via transparent peer-review processes, providing access to our productivity tools to athletes, associates, staff, and followers.

* The community behind Banfield.Tech is the heart of the project, without which we would not have the resources to continue innovating.

* The passion and drive that every individual brings to the community results in collaborative development that often exceeds our own expectations.

* Interested in seeing who has already contributed to our project? Please visit our Contact page. We hope to see your name there soon!