We are Banfield Tech, the club of the future

Leading a non profit sports organization est. in 1896, with a pro football team, +2,000 athletes, and +10,000 associates.


What do we do?

We lead to Banfield and the Sportainment industry the forthcoming technologies that drive fans, ahtletes, and employees to the next level.


How we do it?

We have a team of voluntaries in a wide range of tech areas driving the digital transformation for every corner of the club. Feel free to join us.


Why we do it?

Because we do believe in our doctrine that promotes open source, open data and partnerships with third parties to crack the industry.


Our News & Business Cases

Join the revolution and get your unique art piece of José Luis Sánchez, James Rodríguez, and Jesús Dátolo in OpenSea, the largest …

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Desde el lanzamiento de Banfield.Tech (BTech) en mayo 2021, nos abocamos al desarrollo del proyecto en inglés como idioma conductor de la …

An Open Platform For Innovators

Organizations must respond to change, with crucial products, services, processes, business models, marketing and hybrid solution to focus on their customers. Banfied.Tech is an open platform that ideate, plan, prototype, test, exploit and go to market to meet the true customer demands.

It is only when an invention has been marketed successfully that we can call it an innovation. And it is essential for sport clubs to grow and compete in a shifting global economy.

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The Ninjas Developing Banfield Tech

Product innovations can be entirely new products, new designs or technologies applied to existing products, or new applications of existing products. But all of them need a team.



Do You Like Challenges? Join Us

Banfield is Valhalla and Valhalla is Banfield. We invite you to join our trip to that magnificent destination, participating in a wide range of challenges. Our backlog has more than +25 open projects for you to take the lead. Or just propose your own. Come and enjoy the ride.